Aug. 28th, 2016

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I've been quite productive since coming back from Swanwick, at least I have this week. I've written over 2000 words on a new project, mostly in the evenings but a little during my lunch breaks. It's not the project I'm supposed to be working on, the one with the deadline, but words are words.

Back in January I posted about using stamps and stickers for motivation. I'm still doing it, although I've refined the requirements a little. Anything that actively moves a project forward gets a stamp now, rather than just words, so outlining and research also count. Lots of words gets a sticker, not just finishing a project, and epic days - such as the timeI managed 650 words on a work day - get a flying unicorn sticker.

For all that I had a rough week at Swanwick, it did its job in making me feel enthusiastic about writing again. It's amazing what you pick up even when you're not aware of it. I bought a book from the second-hand table, The Forest for the Trees by Betsy Lerner, which is a sort of chatty memoir advice for writers sort of thing. That prompted me to buy a bunch of other writing books, most of which have been sitting an an Amazon wishlist for months, and some of which were recommended by other Swanwickers (or were in the pile of books they picked up). I may have overdone it a little, as I now have a stack of seven or eight of them to read. But it's nice to have someting to read in the bus, since I don't particularly like writing there, which at least keeps me thinking about writing.

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