Apr. 18th, 2017

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To say I'm tired of politics right now is an understatement.

We've got Trump over in the USA, mooning North Korea and apparently trying to start World War Three. He also seems to be trying to find out if it's possible to bankrupt a country through playing golf. From an outsider's perspective, it appears that no one over there actually knows how to deal with a president with no real interest in doing the job, and so they (and by extension the rest of us) are stuck with him for four years.

Here in the UK we have Brexit and the Tories. It probably hasn't escaped anyone's notice that Theresa May's called for a snap General Election, that will coincidentally make the Tory election fraud investigation go away, and probably reduce the opposition to them in Parliament, allowing them to push through a hard Brexit, further dismantling of the NHS, and whatever the hell else they like. The fact that this is on top of the PM saying that Scotland can't have a second referendum on independence because of the "destabilising effect" it will have so close to Brexit is just the cherry on top of the hypocrisy cake as far as I'm concerned. They don't think the possibility of replacing the whole government will be destabilising at all?

Honestly, I don't think they do. None of the other parties will have time to prepare anything like a reasonable campaign, but you can guarantee the Tories have been planning this for some time. The Labour party are tearing themselves apart over Jeremy Corbyn, and I doubt very much will unite behind him for the sake of the country. The Liberal Democrats still haven't been forgiven for the mess they made over the Coalition. There isn't a viable opposition, so what this will do is cement the Tories in power for another five years, with a larger majority, during which they can do whatever the fuck they like.

So I'm angry, and I'm tired. And tired of being angry. I live in a Tory stronghold, prior to that I lived in a Labour/Plaid Cymru stronghold. I've always voted (except that one time I fucked up my postal vote) but my vote has never, ever, made a difference. I keep doing it because otherwise I have no right to complain about the outcome - except it apparently doesn't even give me that these days. I don't think I've seen a single discussion of Brexit that doesn't degenerate into (if it doesn't start with) "You lost, stop complaining and suck it up" from a Brexiteer troll who apparently doesn't understand how democracy works.

Democracy means that even a minority opinion still gets a voice. That's why we have opposition parties. That's why opposition parties get seats in Parliament. There are checks and balances that stop the majority party running roughshod over everything (and yes, that includes the House of Lords). If you're too stupid to understand that you really have no business voting on the X-Factor, let alone the serious business of government. But I guess that's what we get when we treat a referendum like a reality TV show.

And yet, this is how we're doing Brexit. "Brexit means Brexit" and anyone who doesn't agree with Theresa May's vision is told to shut up. All this General Election will do is cement that, because there won't be anyone left in Westminster with a strong enough voice to question. It will further validate the trolls on social media, and all those racists who have come squirming out of the woodwork. Like the woman on the bus a couple of months ago who screeched "EU Out!" at a man who was only guilty of queuing while Spanish. I live in area dependent on tourism and English language schools, but hey let's just send all those kids from the EU home and fuck the economy, shall we.

I think what's made me most angry is the sense that the whole thing is being run by Basil Fawlty. We don't have a plan, or if we do it was written down on the side of a bus somewhere. We want all the benefits of a relationship with the EU, but none of the compromise - tapas bars but not the people who actually run them. I keep hearing that things will be better after Brexit, but so far I haven't seen any proof. And I'm getting tired of asking for it.

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