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On the business park where I work there is a shortage of places to get lunch. There's a canteen in one of the student buildings, which would be a bit like eating school dinners again. Plus the feedback I've had from colleagues who go there is that it's Not Good, in terms of quality, quantity, and service. There's a "refectory" in the building where I work, which is just a big room with a load of tables and chairs, but it's not exactly comfy and you can't get food there. It does have a kitchen, but it's never been switched on because it didn't meet the legal requirements by the time the building was finished. There's also a pub, attached to a cheap hotel, although it takes 40 minutes to serve a meal even when it's not busy and the food is about what you'd expect from a chain pub with that sort of service.

And until last Friday, there was a lovely little cafe that sold fresh sandwiches, baked potatoes, and soup. It was a great place to go if I needed to get out of the building, destress, or do some writing. It ceased trading having been forced out of business by a combination of rising food prices, the dearth of businesses on the park as they gradually go out of business of themselves, and a lack of help from the local government - their landlord, which put stumbling blocks in front of the cafe wherever it could because it didn't have a legitimate reason to keep them off the park. It also just happens to own the student canteen, the cafes main competition.

Apparently the local government feels that what amounts to a school dining room is a suitable place to go for working people and business lunches.

Which has left me wondering what the hell I'm supposed to do if I need to get off site and destress. If it's not raining I can sit by the duck pond, but what am I supposed to do the other 240 days of the year?
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I got up this morning and realised I'd forgotten to get the bread out for sandwiches. Never mind, I thought, I'll defrost some in the microwave! I defrosted some for the bf and made his lunch, then defrosted some for myself and managed to cook it solid. Never mind, I thought, I'll buy sandwiches in the coffee shop at work, and since I don't have time for breakfast now I'll get that as well! So of course, my bus was late and I ended up rushing breakfast, necking coffee, and getting to the office five minutes late. But at least I have sandwiches.

It occurred to me this morning that it's been six months since I flew out to Writers of the Future. It was an amazingly hectic, information-filled week, and coming back while still reeling from the shock to an ordinary life was a bit of an anti-climax. Six month's on, very little has changed. I'm still in contact with most of the other winners, but other than that I'm still full of the same doubts and hang-ups as before. KD Wentworth told us not to fall into  "Impostor Syndrome", but it's hard not to.
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Things I would like:


I’d like not to be phoned by salesmen. I’d like them not to patronise me (“You’re on dial-up? We have this new product called Broadband.....with BT”).  I’d like them not to phone to patronise me at mealtimes, and then not to act disbelieving when I say I’ve just sat down to my evening meal and can they go away please. I’d really really not like them to then keep talking. I’d especially not like them to irritate me to the point where I start to sound like my mother.*


I’d like debt collection companies not to send letters asking “The Occupier” to phone them about “an important matter” without specifying what the matter is. It’s against their own industry’s standards to do it, as it’s considered an unfair practice, and debt collection is unenforceable without a clear and transparent statement of who, what, and how much the debt relates to. Frankly it’s not my problem, except for the part where I had to spend a morning on the internet looking into the company and the fact that how they operate is only semi-legal.


I’d also like ideas not to flirt with me until I have time to work on them, and then bugger off.



*It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just that I don’t want to be her.

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Productive weekend, for everything but writing. We bought some fruit and veg from a local grocer, including lots of beetroot, and spent Sunday making pickled beetroot and beetroot chutney, plus veggie shepherd's pie and chilli to go in the freezer.

Job interview )
I'm off to my Mum's today, for a visit prior to trekking off to Writers of the Future, and leaving the bf and cats to fend for themselves. Hence the reason for making all the frozen dinners at the weekend. He won't eat otherwise.
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So apparently while I was off sick Royal Mail thinks I had "gone away", and bounced a piece of mail back to my place of work bearing a sticker to that effect.

Price of a First Class stamp: 38p
Average postman's salary: £20,000 p.a.
Damage to my professional reputation when the postman can't be bothered to deliver the mail: Priceless.

Another thing that, in the current economic climate, I'm not thrilled with. Fortunately over my period of sickness several people saw me either at home or locally - the doctor, the pharmacist, my landlady, some friends who dropped in on the day the letter was bounced. Still, mud sticks as they say. I feel a letter of complaint coming on....

On the positive side of things, this morning on my way to work I decided to stop for coffee while I can still afford it. While I was there I managed to work out some problems I'd been having with Reunion, which were in part due to the fact that I haven't written anything in a fortnight so my brain's been going round in circles like a dog chasing its tail. Now that I'm up and about again, I plan to channel the stress into words. Or possibly killing bad guys with my Temple Guardian on Sacred 2. ;)
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So, I went to the doctors. I'm now on anti-biotics for what he thinks is an infection in the kneecap. I mean, how do you even get one of those? I'm also under orders to rest - no shopping, no walking long distances, no going to work. And no trekking across to West Kirby at the weekend. :(

Something that's particularly annoying is that the doctor can tell you to stay off work, but they won't give you a doctor's note unless it's for more than a week. So I don't have a doctor's note, and had to tell work I wouldn't be in until next week with nothing to back it up. Which, in the current economic climate, is not something I'm thrilled with. Next week I have to go back to the doctor again, because even if the infection has cleared up he wants to do a couple of tests on my knee to see if there's an underlying problem. I really, really hope I'm mobile by the end of August.

And in other news, "Mr Bad Man" has found a home at AnthologyBuilder. Yay for retirement homes for reprints!
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Some days the world is just made of suck.

Yesterday at work, my knee started to hurt. I don't know what I've done to it, but it just started aching. By the time I left I was limping. By the time I got on the bus it was painful enough I decided I had to skip belly dancing. Since I've already paid for the class this sucks, but doubly so since it was the last session of the summer and we were going to work with double-veils. By the time I got home I could barely bend it, and by the time I went to bed I couldn't put any weight on it at all without support. This is after treating it with rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

This morning it was a little better. I can still hardly walk, certainly not much further than the bathroom, and I'm going down stairs on my bottom, but I can at least bend it a little. Obviously I've been at home resting all day - more suck. Spending the whole day on the sofa sounds like fun until it's all you can do. Tomorrow I intend more of the same, and to see if I can hobble as far as the pharmacy for some anti-inflammatories.

I hope it's better after tomorrow, or certainly by Friday. I'm supposed to be going to West Kirby on Saturday for a book event, and it's quite a trek even with two working legs.

On the cute side, the cats are obviously aware there's something wrong. Gabriel graced me with a cuddle this morning, and Lucifer one this afternoon. This is quite rare for them, unless it's cold or we're in bed. Plus they haven't left me alone all day. There's been one with me at all times - they even escorted me to the bathroom.  The down-side is that they know I can't chase them if they're naughty. I can still throw cushions with accuracy though.
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I've just spent 4 and 3/4 hours in Accident and Emergency, waiting for someone to stop my finger bleeding. I managed to slice it open on a kitchen knife, deep enough that despite cold water, pressure, elevation, and a bag of frozen chips it didn't stop bleeding for five hours. Hell, it might not even have stopped now: I'll find out if it soaks through the bandage.

So I'm typing one-handed, drinking hot chocolate and waiting for the shaking to stop. I guess this means I'm taking a holiday from writing. And washing up, cleaning, washing my own hair, and emptying the litter trays.

And all I was making were baked potatoes.
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So it's finally happened. It's all downhill from here. I can no longer consider myself a young person, for today I found my first grey hair. At least it could be grey. It might be white. It was difficult to tell as the hair was normal colour at one end and rather less so at the other.

That was the second sucky thing that happened today. The first was that the shower wouldn't work, and the third that I dropped the kettle in a bowl full of water. Then I found out that the shower's leaking into the ceiling below.

Oh, and I got a rejection yesterday.

But I'm still remarkably cheerful.
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Yay, a rejection. About sums up my day, really.
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I've been hit with the depression stick again, which is really annoying. I know why I'm depressed (hormones and a string of small but really irritating things going wrong) but that doesn't seem to make me feel any better. If anything it makes me feel worse, because I know it's stupid to feel this way but I can't help it. Damn you, female reproductive system! *shakes fist*

If you don't want to hear me whinging, look away now. )
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Today's happy thing: my boss told me to go an hour early because I got the payroll closed off.

And that's it. The rest of today has been pretty crap. My first bus was late and my second didn't turn up at all, and work was lots of stress and bother due to lack of communication (and because it always is at the end of the month). Then when I got home I found that the saga of Realms of Fantasy has reached a whole new level of incompetency - they've taken payment for my subscription twice and I still haven't received a single thing, magazine or reply, from them. So I spent twenty minutes on the phone to my credit card company disputing the payment and trying to persuade them that no, I hadn't accidentally signed up to a monthly fee. They're sending me out a form, and hopefully the disputed payment will make RoF sit up and take notice for once.

And then I checked my emails to find that Subatomic Books has gone bust and so I won't, in all likelihood, be paid for my story "Mr Bad Man." Time to look for markets that take reprints.....
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Bad day today. A flu-like bug has me floored, the drawer on the PS2 keeps refusing to open, and I got two rejections. So I've been sitting at home feeling miserable whilst vegetating in front of Star Trek: Voyager.
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You know those days where you just shouldn't have got out of bed? Well today is one of those. As I got on the bus this morning I realised I'd forgotten my Rice Dream (so no coffee for me) and peppermint tea. This leaves me with nothing to drink all day but hot squash - hot because there's some bug in the water supply at the moment so we have to boil all our drinking water, and there hasn't been any water in the water cooler for two weeks. And I forgot my breakfast.

Can I go home yet?
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In a fit of enthusiasm, the boyfriend decided to move the furniture in the bedroom today, including fetching the boxes out of the eaves so we could pack away some of our overflow books into the spare bedroom. Unfortunately, I think it's put him off tidying ever again. We discovered boxes full of chewed carrier bags and tiny poo. We have mice.

It doesn't look like very many, because there wasn't wholesale destruction. But I discovered that it's not a mild dislike of rodents he has. Oh no, it's a full-blown phobia. A bit like me with spiders. So I spent most of the afternoon on my hands and knees hoovering out the eaves and stacking the boxes the mice had used as a toilet out on the balcony for disposal when the recycling men visit. Then I had to comfort a boyfriend whose eyes were so big they threatened to engulf his head.

To make matters worse, that was only one end of the room. We haven't looked in the eaves at the other yet. I'm not sure I want to....


Oct. 15th, 2007 09:51 pm
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Having a crappy week so far. I've been feeling sick all weekend, into the working week, and I'm not sleeping well. So now I'm in a foul mood. The crit I've got so far for my LH flash challenge this week really isn't helping. Basically a one line crit that does nothing but show that the critter hasn't actually read the story properly.

It wouldn't bother me so much if I wasn't in such a foul mood already.

On the other hand, chapter 1 of Reunion seems to have gone down well. Some good points were made, and I've made some notes for things to change in the edit because of them. Now if only I could figure out what I'm doing with chapter 2....

I also found an anthology the other day that I'm writing for, but the deadline is Halloween, so I'd better get a move on!

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