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I somehow managed to completely miss that my story "The Silver Spoon" was up at The Colored Lens, even though the ebook's been up on Amazon for a while. It's a Christmas story for those are maybe a little sick of family tensions, so the timing worked out anyway.

My only other Christmas story is "And a Cup of Good Cheer", which is also a tad on the dark side. It's still up at 10 Flash Quarterly, although the market's been dead for a while now. It's a shame, it was a market I really liked, because I love writing to prompts. There don't seem to be many prompt-based market's around these days.

I'm currently pondering another Christmas story. This one's not light and fluffy either. I'm sensing a theme...
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My brain: Here, have this story idea!
Me: It's a Christmas story...
My brain: So?
Me: It's January.
My brain: Plenty of time to write it for this Christmas then!
Me: ...

This is what happens when I don't feel remotely festive during the actual festive season...

Why is is that I feel more frustrated about not getting things done on a day I've been busy than when I've been lazy?

Yesterday I wrote a flash story, caught up on some correspondence and admin, dismantled three or four necklaces for my bead stash, watched "The Hunt for Red October" (the BF has recently become obssessed with submarines), scribbled some notes for jewellery designs, did the washing up.... And I still don't feel like it was enough.

I recently discovered a great crafting blog, It's a Creative World. The team there cover everthing from cooking, knitting, beading, papercraft. The only problem is that now I want to try some of those hobbies too. There aren't enough hoirs in the day! Plus they have an adorable knitted Lemming in this post.
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Actually no, it's not. There's another three months to go yet. Which is why I was mildly put out to stumble across the below monstrosity when out clothes shopping.

Yes, that's right. It's little mooses wearing Santa hats. It says "Merry Kissmoose" around the top.

And then midweek I couldn't sleep and put Radio 4 on for company. They were playing an adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

I'm going to hate Christmas by December.
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The broadband was switched on today, which means I got to spend my unexpected Christmas Eve afternoon off attempting to negotiate a microfilter that doesn't work, the fact that our phone sockets and power sockets are nowhere near each other and the cables for the router are really short, and the fact that the PC that's not wireless-enabled can't go anywhere near the phone socket (and therefore the router) and the ethernet cable is also really short.

However, that's mostly sorted and we are now, as they say, cooking with gas.

The BF is currently in the process of sorting out the connection for the games console, no doubt salivating with delight at the prospect of getting on Fallout: New Vegas - which I previously banned him from until it was patched. What he doesn't realise is that since he's on holiday until January and I'm not, the console is mine for the next four days. He can have it when I'm at work. ;-)

The next stage is getting all my writing bits and pieces in order, ready to hit the markets hard in January. There are a couple of stories-in-progress that I can already see potential markets for. The trick will be getting them done for the deadline.

So finally, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you who celebrate these things. :)
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Another belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] sacredmime ! In all the chaos of broken TVs, broken heating (which became miraculously fixed), trying to find things that aren't tinsel to put on the tree, and trying to cat-proof the Christmas decorations, I forgot to say it yesterday.

Oh, Christmas Tree..... )

Writing-wise I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. A couple of short stories raised their heads today, both of them pointing out that thair viewpoint character isn't who I thought it was. In one it's a her instead of a him, and in the other it's a different character entirely to who I thought it was. Since neither of them were on my list the other day, I don't know what to write. So many things, so little time! I did plan to get a lot of writing done over the holiday, but I've just taken stock of my current "to read" pile and I may end up doing that instead:

Patricia McKillip - Fool's Run
Patricia McKillip - Song for the Basilisk
(plus a couple of her children's books I can't remember)
Diana Wynne Jones - Eight Days of Luke
Diana Wynne Jones - The Homeward Bounders
Diana Wynne Jones - The Time of the Ghost
Tim Powers - Last Call
Tim Powers - Expiration Date
Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear - A Companion to Wolves
Stephen Fry - Moab is My Washpot
Terry Pratchett - Making Money the very least. I'm pretty sure there's another pile somewhere, if only I could remember where I put it. I swear the sheer mass of books is doing something strange to the layout and contents of my flat.

And Reunion is stalled again. I know what happens in this chapter, I'm just not sure how it happens.
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I'm not sure which is worse - the fact that whenever the morning bus runs really late I assume it's a female driver, or that nine-out-of-ten times I'm right. Come on girls, you're letting the side down!

So far this week every day has felt like Friday, which might explain why I'm so tired. It's also busy-week, and I'd rather be writing than working. I have no idea how I'll get chapter 14 of Reunion done for next week, none of it's even typed! I'm also trying to plan for Christmas, as the bf doesn't want a tree because of the kittens, but I don't want not to have any decoration. Maybe I'll put paper snowflakes on the windows like I did at work last year. It also looks like I'm doing dinner again this year. The bf isn't a particularly adventurous cook and doesn't like the pressure, whereas I'll happily do a three-course meal just because. Not that I've decided what the three courses are, and I also wanted to make a cake for work..... 8-o

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