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Today's advent entry is another useful tool, for writers who want to design their own e-book covers. Because let's face it, while being able to hire someone to make art for you is great, sometimes it's not possible or affordable. Canva lets you do all the work yourself, and comes with handy tutorials. Mostly it's free, although some of the pre-designed layouts and custom bits have a (small) price tag. Obviously pay for any pictures you bring in from stock sites or the like.
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I meant to post an end of year update ages ago, except there didn't seem to be anything worth updating beyond "2014 sucked". This seems to have been the case for a lot of people. In fact I haven't seen a lot of people at all saying they had a good year. Here's hoping 2015 is better for all of us.

There's actually not a lot to update. I've got two stories sold last year due to come out this year. One is a podcast of "This is the Way the World Begins" at Meduspod. The other is the website release of "The Silver Spoon" in The Colored Lens Winter 2015 edition. That's already available as an ebook, but I think will be available on the site at a later date. No idea on when either of these stories will appear, but will mention it when they do.

So far this year I've written two flash stories which very much want to be longer, and another that I'm now sure I can do much with. My plan is to move away from flash and work on longer stories, but that's been the plan for a while now. I also started a novella in November, but the plan to finish that in December was scuppered by two weeks of flu right before Christmas. It's still on the to-do list, but will now have to fit in with all the other things on the list that are time-dependent. These include either the Month of Blogging Challenge or Poem a Day, in April. I also need to finish my series of POD blog post, since I'm very much aware I've left those off in the middle.

Unfortunately there's been a lot of life getting in the way over the last few months, not least of which was a change of role and working hours at the day job. I know there are those who think that writing should be Most Important of All or you're just a hobbyist. I personally think a lot of those people are operating from the position of privilege of either already being established, or have someone who can financially support them while they write. The rest of us have to eat and pay rent, and don't have the luxury of treating the day job as anything less that the source of our livelihood. That's a whole other blog post though.

The other thing I did recently was change some of my ebook covers. A World in Clockwork and Dark Ghosts and Flamingos are mostly the same, although I played around with the positioning of the text. I haven't been happy with the covers of The Reflection of Memory or A Primary Function for a while though, so here are the new ones.

The Reflection of Memory 2Primary Function dark

And that's it for now.
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It's almost time for my e-Books to start migrating over to Smashwords, so I've redone the covers:
golems          memory          primary          clockwork
The main reason for it was to bring some sort of cohesion to the reprint fiction collections. I think these look better.

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