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It turns out that the boiler had stopped working becase the pipes had frozen. Not at all helpful in the coldest winter the UK's had since 1994/in a century (depending on who you ask). But it's working again for the moment, so let's hope it stays that way.

Last night I had the weirdest dream. It came complete with characters (buddy-buddy pairing plus sidekicks), plot (evil cult wants to sacrifice one of the buddies), action (Captures! Rescues! Chases! Escapes!), henchmen(cultists), antagonist (head of evil cult), a motive for the antgonist (wants to sacrifice the buddy to save his wife), and an Evil Twist (buddy is saved, but the ritual seems to be affecting him at long-distance. Oh noes!), and a final confrontration with the villain. Unfortunately I didn't get to see how it ended because the alarm went off. I wish my stories were this well formed when they hit my brain.

I made a start on getting my writing back into shape yesterday. I updated my submission info, read through the beginning of the opium-time-travel story (I still have no idea how it ends), and restarted a story that wasn't working from the pov of a different character. I need to get a novel project underway again, although I haven't decided what to do about that. I need to go and reregister at Liberty Hall, so I can take part in the challenges again. I'm starting to feel a bit cut off at the moment, because I don't know any writers in Real Life (by which I mean ones I can talk to without the aid of the internet).

Now, however, I need to go and buy tinned tomatoes so I can make lasagne.
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After all the editing and stuff, I got four sentences done on the new story yesterday, and went to bed miserable. So today, bummed by the thought of being in the office, I varied my routine. Normally I get the early bus so I don't have to share with schoolchildren, get off the bus early and walk across town, and spend an extra 45 minutes or so in the office having breakfast. Today I stayed on the bus all the way and went for a coffee. It bought me 40 minutes of writing time and I got to work relaxed. I think I'll make it a regular Friday thing (I can't do it every day as the only coffee shop around and open at that time of the morning is Costa).

The downside is, I'm not convinced they gave me decaff. I'm full of bounce and keep having to correct my spelling. Although that could be the result of having a decaff mocha flake before breakfast.

I had a weird dream last night, about a message being implanted in someone's memories in fragments so that there were images and flashes interspersed in it, to hide it from some unnamed enemy. Sort of like the way the message from Selene to Victor is presented in Underworld. I got to the end of the bit where the messenger had finished explaining the format of the message, and then the alarm went off so I have no idea what the actual message was. *sigh*


Mar. 3rd, 2009 11:31 am
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Dreams about running around monster-infested tunnels (but not seeing any monsters), only to emerge into the apocalypse are not conducive to a good night's sleep. Neither is the vast amount of pain my wisdom teeth are causing at the moment. But at least the dreams were fun.

I'm in music heaven at the moment. Back when I was about twelve, I got really into 80s synth pop. Given that it wasn't the 80s at the time, I got a lot of ridicule at school for it, but I didn't care. I liked it. I liked the atmosphere, the sounds, the nonsensical lyrics, the way it made me feel. And now, here in the UK charts, 80s synth pop is having a bit of a revival. There have been hints of it for a while now (The Killers' early stuff sounds a lot like the Cure meets Depeche Mode in places) but now there are new albums out by M83, Ladyhawke, Empire of the Sun, Black Kids, and Bat For Lashes, and albums due out over the summer by Little Boots, Florence and the Machine, and La Roux. For the first time in my life what I like's in fashion and I'm loving it!

At the weekend we had the worst pub meal ever. It was write-a-letter-and-complain-about-it bad. I won't go into details, suffice is to say that we weren't told about the three things they'd run out of until after we'd paid, things were delivered incorrectly, and my veggie bf did not appreciate his potato skins having bacon in them. It was the one sour note in an otherwise great weekend.

I got 500 words into a story yesterday, only to realise I started it in the wrong place. There's a lot of scene setting, but not much happens. Given that I'm on a deadline and the beginning has to be "grabby", this is not a good thing. So today's plan is another 500 words of a new beginning, and hope it goes better this time. Also, my rejectomancy, and the increasing amount of entries in red on Duotrope, tells me that I'm due for a load of rejections all at the same time. And I still haven't started the next chapter of Reunion.
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So now I've started having dreams where Writers of the Future call me up and say "We didn't mean you, we put the wrong cover sheet with the story. Sorry." And where the anthology comes out and my story makes no sense. I'm sure the ones where I turn up at the airport naked, or end up in Peru, will follow.

My cold is worse, just in time for me to go back to work. On the plus side, I've finally found my NaNo vibe. It turns out I wasn't being mean enough to my main character.
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Actually, the subject's a bit of a misnomer. There was no cheese-eating last night, but there were large amounts of very strange dreams. The bit after the boyfriend got up was the trippiest, in which I discovered my friend keeps ferrets in his shower, and cartoon pigs watched human faces form in the clouds. Before the alarm was a godsend though. I'm now halfway through a short story based on the main thread of the dream, and it makes a remarkable amount of sense despite that. Unfortunately it's no good for the LH challenge though. I may have to give up on that one. :-(

I've also posted up Chapter 3 of Reunion on NB, at the request of RF Long who doesn't want people pestering her for the next installment of Moy Tura. :-D Hopefully this one will be a bit less contentious than the last, which garnered some criticism for the homosexual content. This one's just got necromancy, violence, and rude words.

Dear Diary

Apr. 3rd, 2007 07:52 pm
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I was talking about dream diaries with someone today. I used to keep one, back when I was about 15, but it was full of Star Trek dreams as I was watching a lot of it (this is back when it was on BBC2 nearly every day). The Klingons robbing a newsagent's remains a personal favourite. The suggestion was made about maybe keeping a dream diary on here, but I think that would be a little weird. It's not even that no one would be interested - no one reads this, so who would see them anyway?! - but dreams are personal even if they are exceptionally random. Although I've been dreaming about payroll three out of the last four nights. No wonder I haven't been sleeping. :(

I've made myself a promise - that unless my 2005 NaNo is finished (first draft) by November, I'm not doing NaNo this year. I can't afford to have any more projects on the go at once - two is plenty! As it is I've got two more in the back of my head demanding attention, one with a fairly developed plot and vague characters and one with a bit more of a vague plot but more definite characters. I want to write them both, but Reunion has to be done first. I may skip the part I'm stuck on and go straight to the kidnapping of the party mage. Leaving areas to fix later doean't hurt so much if they're bits you still have to type up anyway.

Wordcounts for my two ongoing projects so far are as follows:
Reunion - 100,380 (not counting the bits left to type up, which add about another 8K)
Stigma - 26,117

Both totals are more than I've ever written on a single project that wasn't a university dissertation. I think I'd feel like it was more of an achievemnt if something had actually been finished!

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