Apr. 28th, 2011 09:46 pm
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So not on the ball today, that I almost got to bedtime having forgotten that my story "Answers" is up at Every Day Fiction today.

They completed the summoning in silence. Grey-robed and blindfolded, the adepts moved through steps they’d carefully rehearsed for weeks. All their hopes were pinned on this.

If they were successful, perhaps the Lords of Order would tell them why no children had been born since the end of the Gods’ War.

It's hard to believe that we're now just over halfway through our break. It's mostly been great. We've got a lot done in the garden, with pea plants in pots, and runner bean, courgette, and pepper seeds in to germinate. We've also planted a lot of bedding plants out in pots (violas, geraniums, and two other things I can't remember but that we thought looked pretty). We've also ripped up a lot of weeds and eked out a sort of "border" along the fence, and planted jasmine, clematis, and honeysuckle, in the hope they climb the fence and give the weeds a run for their money.

Other than that, we've done a bit of clothes shopping to replace some things that have suffered from age or too much cat. We also went through every item of clothing in the house, and anything that we don't like any more or doesn't fit has gone in a box for charity.

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding, so most places will be shut. The plan is to get a lot of laundry done, and a friend might be bringing his little boy over to say hi, since they're in the area. We won't be watching the wedding, since we don't have TV in our house. I might also get some writing done, since with everything else all I've done so is get a couple of subs out the door and do a flash challenge, although I may have to flip a coin between that and Dungeon Siege.


May. 19th, 2010 01:00 pm
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Not posted for a while. You know how it is - you get behind, try to catch up, forget what you were going to post about.....


The bf's mum visited, which was more fun than it sounds. We got loads planted in the garden - columbines, nastursiums, fabiolas and irises, rocket, spinach, and beans. While weeding the front we discovered some rogue strawberry plants and have transplanted them to the back. One half of our garden is gravel, which is where we were going to put the pots of vegetables, but then we discovered a more than slight problem - an infestation of bindweed growing in from two neglected gardens at the side and back. It's literally taken over half the gravel, and we daren't risk putting anything there. We don't like using weedkiller, but in this case didn't feel we had a choice. It's been dosed with two treatments a week apart, and this weekend we're going out and pulling the lot up by hand. After that we'll see.

I didn't sub to S&S25 as a domestic emergency came up. I do have a new story on the go from that though, so it's not all bad.

Cat-wise, Gabriel seems OK now. We've been adding water to the food, and have taken away the dry crunchies. On the minus side, now Lucifer is dropping weight as the crunchies were her favourite part. We've taken to giving her a few while Gabriel eats her vet-prescribed food for awkward cats, and hope she'll stop sulking soon.


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This part's just me moping. )

Even after the kick-in-the-pants that was WotF, keeping the momentum going is hard.

So, in the spirit of promoting the shiny, here's the book trailer for Writers of the Future Vol. 25.

Someone's posted a review of the book on the forum at Asimov's. (Beware spoilers if you read this thread.) I can live with my story being described as "read[ing] a bit like Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott as rewritten by Patricia McKillip, with the tiniest of nods to China Mieville." :-D

*This isn't me seeking validation for Reunion, by the way, just noting that it does have some major flaws (one of the central characters being largely unlikeable, and a distinct lack of female characters until about halfway through, for a start), and wondering if I can fix them.
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While my knee was bad, I didn't get out hardly at all and a bunch of things happened to our "garden". One of the tomato plants fruited and then started dying, and because of the sudden turn in the weather the salad leaves, dill, basil, and coriander all bolted. A lot of the carrots died, and the radishes got half-eaten by critters so we harvested and ate the rest. There are fruits on the pepper plant, which is surprising, and none on the chilli, which isn't. And the other tomatoes all had a growth explosion. We'll get a lot of fruit from them, although it might all rot instead of ripening - the sun's gone away and left us with rain for yet another summer.

Writing-wise, I've been doing bits and pieces but not a lot of actual sitting down and getting on with it. Apart from a couple of Costa visits that solved some problems - but I can't afford to do that any more. :(

Not a lot going on other than that. Working my notice and looking for a new job, but there's not a lot around at the moment unless you want to move to Australia....
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I did my usual Costa run this morning, plus it's lovely and sunny today so I'm thinking about trading in some overtime to leave early. That way I can go to the art shop on the way home as I'd like a putty eraser, an A4 pad, and a graphite stick. The drawing's going well, and I'm really enjoying it. So much so that I'm thinking about buying some pastels. The bf will despair. :D

The writing is going well, although I'm having some trouble with the MC of my current project. she's supposed to be....not feisty exactly, but certainly not as wet as she's being. My plan is to worry about it later. First drafts are allowed to suck!

The gardening is not going so well.  The aubergine started to die pretty much as soon as we put it in a bigger pot, and on Wednesday we had gale force winds and rain so a lot of the carrots don't look like they'll make it. The rest is doing OK for the moment, with the plants in hanging baskets looking the happiest - we'll have to try that again.
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Everyday Weirdness has accepted "The Owl and Great Cthulhu" for publication! That and a payment of enough to fuel my next trip to Costa meant a good start to the day.

On the down side, it looks like the aubergine and some of the carrots aren't going to survive repotting. Oh well, it happens. As long as we get enough veg to make it worthwhile I'll be happy.

I sat down and did some drawing yesterday, for the first time in ages. The bf was quite surprised, as he'd never seen me do it before (yes, it's been that long!). It was good fun. Now, if only I could get the cats to sit still..... Getting back to it was actually spurred by our recent trip of one of the local castles, where they don't allow photography. The plan is to practice (or practise - I can never remember which is the verb and which is the noun!) and then to go back with a sketchbook. If they allow people to hang around drawing things, that is.
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Today me and the bf went out to buy furniture. We came home with plants instead. The main reason is that we couldn't find any furniture that met our criteria - namely cheap and delivered. But we were planning on looking for seed anyway, and somehow ended up with plants and pots as well. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon planting. We have two pots of runner beans, two troughs and a pot of carrots (I bought a pack of 16 and it contained 30!), one each of aubergine, pepper, and chilli, and two tomato plants in hanging baskets. We ran out of pots though, so we have three more tomato plants waiting for planting. I don't know why I bothered to get so many, they've done really badly the last two years. All this to go with a grow-bag and hanging basket of strawberries, a pot of assorted salad seeds, and three pots of herbs (mint, dill, basil, parsley, thyme, chives, and coriander). We also have seeds put aside for next year - tomatoes for hanging baskets, beetroot, radishes, carrots, onions, and a "patio pack" of spring onions, cherry tomatoes, rocket, lettuce, and cucumber.

Of course the rain could ruin the whole crop again....

Tonight the bf and I are watching movies and eating junkfood. We've decided, since it's so difficult during the week to make time to spend together, to make it a once-a-month thing. Tomorrow I plan to finish planting the tomatoes, and do some writing. And maybe actually bother to do something with that sketchbook I bought.

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We bought some tomato and courgette plants at the weekend, which are now in pots in our considerably small outdoor space. If the weather holds we might get a better crop than we did last year (tiny courgettes, and tomatoes that rotted before they were ripe). The strawberries are already flowering heavily, despite this being their fourth year in a grow-bag. There are plans - albeit extremely long-term - to turn our garden into an allotment, when we actually have a garden.

Writing-wise there has been a steady stream of very little getting done. I'm cranking out a couple of hundred words a day at the moment, not bad for slow and steady, but not great when you consider that this is my WOTF entry. It may have to take until next quarter, which would be a disappointment. At least I know what I'm writing now. So far I mostly know where it's going, but character names are giving me trouble. Why is it that all the fantasy name generators on the internet come up with utter gibberish?

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