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I've been attacked by the pre-Christmas lurgy, and so have a cough, sore throat and am losing my voice. Since I work in customer services the latter is a particular problem, so I took yesterday off. I'm back in today only because the office Christmas party is tonight, making the best of it and avoiding the phone where I can.

Tonight I'll be in a skirt, only because there are few opportunities in every day life to wear a purple velvet skirt. And I'll be wearing jewellery I made myself. Still no pictures though. I fail at pictures.

Writing-wise, the new project is still percolating. Over Christmas I'll be tidying out my folders, putting anything trunked onto a CD and removing it from my computer. Sometimes old projects get in the way of new ones. There are a couple of stories, tentatively titled "Visiting the Orchid Child" and "This is the Way the World Begins" I want to get finished over the holiday and out the door.
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I was going to post up the second part of my "Building the Novel" post today, but as it turns out I've been flat on my back all day with a cold. So nothing more intellectual from me today than the observation that it's surprisingly tiring - and boring - to be sat in watching DVDs all day.

It could be worse. I could have opted to watch my way through the whole Director's Cut of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
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It's the start of the weekend for most of the UK, as we now have the Easter Bank Holidays. After that there's the royal wedding holiday, and the May bank holiday. With the judicious application of three days of annual leave in the middle, the BF and I have managed to wangle ourselves an eleven day break to spend doing the garden, spring cleaning the house, playing video games and generally chilling out.

I really need the break. It turns out my prediction at the end of last week was right, so I started this week with two days off sick from something unpleasant and stomach related. There's nothing more boring than staying in bed all day, even if you do have a DVD boxset of Supernatural to keep you company. Back to work on Wednesday and I had to play catch-up, and then today it was so manically busy because of the holidays that I spent most of the day fielding technical support calls - it's amazing how many people forget that a bank holiday means that the banks are on holiday.

The veg sack came a day early this week: onions, potatoes, carrots, eggs, cabbage, brocolli, celery, peppers and tiny plum tomatoes. The brocolli and potatoes are going in a cheese sauce bake, along with the cauliflower from last week (not eaten because I was ill, and it's kept remarkably well). The tomatoes are going in salad tomorrow, and whatever's left will be turned into soup or pizza topping, since they won't keep long. I may put the celery in too, since neither of us can stand the stuff.

Not much going on in writing news at the moment. I spent this evening going through the proofs for "Beauty Sleeping", ready for the launch of the new Every Day Fiction anthology on 21st May. Plus I got a rejection, and got the story straight back out the door. Tomorrow I plan to revamp my submissions spreadsheet as it's got a bit cumbersome, and do some writing as my muse is currently handing out ideas at a rate that suggests it doesn't think I'm working hard enough. 


Jan. 9th, 2011 09:52 pm
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My first sales of the year were followed by my first germs of the year, so I've spent most of the last week with a sore throat, not sleeping, and exhausted, but with not enough external symptoms to be able to stay home. Needless to say, I haven't got a lot of writing done - although I figured out how to rewrite something to make it saleable, and read Stephen King's On Writing, so it wasn't a total loss.

The bf and I have also watched a couple of films this week. The last of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies The World is Not Enough and  Die Another Day - the latter featuring an awful cameo, and even more awful and forgettable theme song by Madonna.

Earlier this week we watched Black Death, and there will be spoilers )

Something that amused me this week - I got a lift to work with a colleague, who likes to listen to the radio on the way. At one point on the trip is a spot of dead signal, and when the radio cuts out and it all goes silent a message flashes up on the display: SEEK PI. It reminded me of the time I went out to find all the local bus stops graffitied with "Know Thyself". I'm sure there's a story in there somewhere.

*Yes, really.

Lazy Daisy

Oct. 11th, 2009 08:21 pm
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Not much of anything done this weekend - I've been mostly laid up with a flu bug, eating junk and watching Babylon 5. So now I feel bad for being lazy.

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So, I went to the doctors. I'm now on anti-biotics for what he thinks is an infection in the kneecap. I mean, how do you even get one of those? I'm also under orders to rest - no shopping, no walking long distances, no going to work. And no trekking across to West Kirby at the weekend. :(

Something that's particularly annoying is that the doctor can tell you to stay off work, but they won't give you a doctor's note unless it's for more than a week. So I don't have a doctor's note, and had to tell work I wouldn't be in until next week with nothing to back it up. Which, in the current economic climate, is not something I'm thrilled with. Next week I have to go back to the doctor again, because even if the infection has cleared up he wants to do a couple of tests on my knee to see if there's an underlying problem. I really, really hope I'm mobile by the end of August.

And in other news, "Mr Bad Man" has found a home at AnthologyBuilder. Yay for retirement homes for reprints!
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Some days the world is just made of suck.

Yesterday at work, my knee started to hurt. I don't know what I've done to it, but it just started aching. By the time I left I was limping. By the time I got on the bus it was painful enough I decided I had to skip belly dancing. Since I've already paid for the class this sucks, but doubly so since it was the last session of the summer and we were going to work with double-veils. By the time I got home I could barely bend it, and by the time I went to bed I couldn't put any weight on it at all without support. This is after treating it with rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

This morning it was a little better. I can still hardly walk, certainly not much further than the bathroom, and I'm going down stairs on my bottom, but I can at least bend it a little. Obviously I've been at home resting all day - more suck. Spending the whole day on the sofa sounds like fun until it's all you can do. Tomorrow I intend more of the same, and to see if I can hobble as far as the pharmacy for some anti-inflammatories.

I hope it's better after tomorrow, or certainly by Friday. I'm supposed to be going to West Kirby on Saturday for a book event, and it's quite a trek even with two working legs.

On the cute side, the cats are obviously aware there's something wrong. Gabriel graced me with a cuddle this morning, and Lucifer one this afternoon. This is quite rare for them, unless it's cold or we're in bed. Plus they haven't left me alone all day. There's been one with me at all times - they even escorted me to the bathroom.  The down-side is that they know I can't chase them if they're naughty. I can still throw cushions with accuracy though.
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Last weekend was, in internet palance, made of FAIL and the trend seems to be continuing. In the two minutes they had unsupervised in the living room yesterday the kittens managed to knock over a plant and send water flying all over my desk. Fortunately they didn't get any on the computer: unfortunately this is because most of it was soaked up by books.

I also have a stinking cold, and would rather be at home than at work, but I'm too busy to take any time off.

The only thing that's happened so far that's not made of FAIL (but isn't yet made of WIN or AWESOME) is that I've got a hold notice from Cinema Spec. Which is sort of worse than waiting for a response, because now a rejection will be so much more of a letdown.

I started work on my Footprints entry again yesterday. I aim to get the first draft finished by the weekend so that I have time to put it in for critting. Then I can start doing the research for the historical fantasy idea that's sitting smugly in my head.
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I've had a chest infection for the last three days, which is just typical as we were going to spend the end of the holiday going for long walks. It looks like it's going away just in time for me to be healthy for going back to work. :-(

I got a draft of chapter 5 for Reunion done, then sat down last night and scribbled all over it and chapter 4. It's going to be a while before they're ready to post after all! Part of the problem is that I'm trying to make a rambly NaNo project into something coherent, and it involves cutting bits of later chapters and moving everything around. I'm really not happy with the way these two chapters are going at the moment, but I think I'll probably post up the version I'm not happy with and see what the critters say. (Although one is almost certainly going to be put off the rest of the novel by the homosexual content in chapter 4. Oh well, it's his loss!)

There has been no writing of short stories in the last few days. I've been too busy watching DVDs: the boyfriend bought the DVD boxset of Jeeves and Wooster the other day and now I'm hooked. I've also been listening to my new CDs - the Kaiser Chiefs' Yours Truly, Angry Mob, which I really like, and The Killers' Sawdust, which I don't.
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It seems that practically every time I post on here I'm sick - and today is no exception! I've got a nasty cold, which seems to rapidly be getting worse, and since it's the middle of payroll busy week, I can't even take a day off as if I do NO ONE GETS PAID!

Aside from that, I'm in remarkably good spirits. One of Three is now back in the stable, having failed to get anywhere in the BFS short story comp. I'm not really surprised but then that's my attitude for everything that goes out! The Clay Men is currently at the editing stage, and then I hope to submit it to an anthology of East Asian themed stories. And while that's being done, I have a story simmering on the back-burner that I'm not entirely sure which genre it belongs in. Given the subject matter of some of the anthologies I've been looking at lately that might be a good thing....

There seem to be a lot of open submissions for "slipstream" works at the moment. At the weekend I wasn't entirely sure that the whole idea wasn't an Emperor's New Clothes kind of thing - no one seems to know exactly what it is, and no one can agree on who writes it except for China Mieville because he says he does. The short version is it's sort of a literary genre-bending thing between mainstream, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. It has been pointed out though, that we already have terms like cyberpunk and steampunk to describe the whole crossover thing. Personally I think that anime's to blame for it - most anime will gleefully mix genres like they don't exist separately, and I think a lot of the same ideas have been creeping into fiction (after all, why *not* rewrite The Seven Samurai to include giant mecha samurai, and add some evil clones of the Emperor while we're at it? The result is the anime Samurai 7, and it's bloody good!)

Maybe I should just watch more anime then....

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