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Once again I've been a bit lazy on the internetting this last week. Although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

There's an interview with me over at Anaea Lay's website today - Telling Lies for Fun and Profit. Some of the answers may seem a little odd: the clue's in the title.

My story "The Message" went up at Kazka Press last week. And my copies of Cucurbital 3 arrived as well.

My one and only "Link I Like" collected last week was: Three Signs You're Renovating a Condemned Novel.

And my BF and I finished a four-part metal jewellery course yesterday, so there will probably be posts about that in the near future.
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Is it just me or has LJ been a bit quite lately? Is there some exodus going on no one's told me about?

Oh, well. On the off-chance that anyone's reading this, here's some shameless self-promotion: Amber Sistla has interviewed me as part of her Writer Wednesday project. And I've made a couple more posts at my jewellery blog.

There's not a lot else going on at the moment, except work and insomnia.
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Having not been on the interweb since Friday lunchtime, I completely failed to notice that my Genre Chick interview by Alethea Kontis is now up on her website.

Which doesn't entirely make a post, but I'm supposed to be off to the cinema now to see Hanna.
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Round 1 of Feeding a Cat Antibiotics completed. Rounds 2 to 10 to go.

Gabriel, bless her, obviously knows something's wrong even though she seems to be quite happy in herself. This morning she squatted as if to pee, then looked at the bf with her "Daddy, make it better" face* and gave him a pitiful meow. I hope these antibiotics work, because if they don't we're going to have a very sick cat in the next few days.

Yesterday I finally managed to download the StarShipSofa podcasts with my Writers of the Future story and the interview I did with Sean Williams and Mike Wood, to get a copy for my records. On randomly playing them to make sure they worked, I thought "Who the heck is that?" closely followed by "OMG, it's me! Do I really sound like that? I may never open my mouth again!"

* My favourite instance of this was the time it obviously meant "You make the light come on inside, so make it come on outside nao plz."
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Sofanauts 23, a podcast interview with me, fellow Writers of the Future winner Mike Wood, and past winner and New York Times bestslling author Sean Williams, is now available at StarShipSofa.

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