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I've decided to mix things up with my writing magazine subscriptions. I did subscribe to Writing Magazine and Mslexia, but I've got to the point where I no longer look forward to the new issue of Writing Magazine. In fact, when the current issue arrived I thought "oh god, another one" since I still had the previous two on the go. The content has become decreasingly useful - it seems like it's all article writing, and apparenty no venues for short fiction exist except competitions. The only reason I was still getting it was for the market info in the back, but that's become less and less useful since usually I know about a deadline two months before it actually appears in the magazine.

So I've cancelled my subscription. I'm keeping Mslexia, since I do still look forward to that. And since I want to read things that will help with writing short fiction, I paid for a year's subscription to F&SF and ordered the bumper-pack of 8 back issues of Asimov's/Analog. At the very least I'll get something worth reading out of it.

I've also managed to edit and submit the other oubliette piece for #12for12. I really need to start writing some non-flash this year now.
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I was wondering, does anyone know of an address or email address where I can contact the new Realms of Fantasy about my subsciption? The grapevine tells me that they're honouring all old subscriptions but I haven't heard anything official, and given the mess the old lot made of it I'm loathe to trust them to have passed my details across correctly.

I got one of the most frustrating kinds of rejections today, a personal "close but no cigar". The rejection came with comments from a couple of editors. One liked the story despite its flaws. So far so good, but the other said they were having a moment of "ReaderFail" (their words) and just didn't get it. So no sale. It's frustrating because it shows just how much of a fickle business it is, that relies on luck and an editor's personal taste. Oh well, on to the next market.

Today is officially my last day of employment. I say officially because I'm popping in next Thursday to help out with passing my files across. I'd have told them where to stick it, except that my line manager's wife is hospitalised with suspected pneumonia, which is the reason we're not doing it this week. For something like that I don't feel it helps to dig my heels in an be a bitch about it. Besides, I'm still waiting for my written reference. ;-)

I'm in something of a writing limbo at the moment. You know that point where you've finished whatever you were doing and are trying to get into the next project? I've got the next chapter of Reunion to start, and two short stories, but because I didn't have anything on the go when I reached the end of the last chapter I'm stuck with where to begin. This is why, when I'm being less crap, I try to have multiple projects on the go at once. It keeps the momentum going.

Am off now to keep Lucifer from stealing my sweet potatoes.
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Today I got a form through the mail from Realms of Fantasy, offering money off if I renewed my subscription.

I haven't even received the magazine yet.

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Today's happy thing: my boss told me to go an hour early because I got the payroll closed off.

And that's it. The rest of today has been pretty crap. My first bus was late and my second didn't turn up at all, and work was lots of stress and bother due to lack of communication (and because it always is at the end of the month). Then when I got home I found that the saga of Realms of Fantasy has reached a whole new level of incompetency - they've taken payment for my subscription twice and I still haven't received a single thing, magazine or reply, from them. So I spent twenty minutes on the phone to my credit card company disputing the payment and trying to persuade them that no, I hadn't accidentally signed up to a monthly fee. They're sending me out a form, and hopefully the disputed payment will make RoF sit up and take notice for once.

And then I checked my emails to find that Subatomic Books has gone bust and so I won't, in all likelihood, be paid for my story "Mr Bad Man." Time to look for markets that take reprints.....
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So my latest prod regarding my Realms of Fantasy subscription has garnered me an overseas phone number. I can't afford to spend large amounts of money making international calls, so they get one more email and then a letter. Anyone know how I go about getting my money back when they ignore me?

It occurs to me that I missed off the beginning of the writing meme, so here it is:

Current Status as of this morning:
Reunion - chapter 15 coming along nicely.
Stigma - on hold (although sometimes it pokes its head up to ask when it gets a turn).
All other novel projects - in idea form only.

"A Thousand Names for Babylon" - stuck in the idea stage.
Random time travel story - can't decide which period it wants to be set in.
"The Empty Dark" - in pieces, waiting for me to work out where all the bits go.
"Urban" fantasy (it's set in a small village) family story thing - trying to work out the mythology behind it. Seems to be trying to be a novella.
Other unnamed fantasy novella - is composting in my brain.

I'm sure there are some I've forgotten, but that's probably for the best until I get some of the others out the way!
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I'm starting to wish I'd never subscribed to Realms of Fantasy.

Don't get me wrong, I like the magazine. I tried a free trial issue a while back and really enjoyed it, but what with one thing and another didn't get around to subscribing at the time. In September I finally got around to it and subscribed on their website. I didn't get a confirmation so I emailed about it. There was no reply, but they obviously got it because they've taken the money.

The magazine hadn't turned up in October, so I joined the forum to ask about the release dates and how long it would take to get to the UK. I never got my activation email so I can't post to ask. I can PM the admin though, which I did to ask about my activation. She never replied either.

I've sent another email but there's no response to that, and sent a message to someone involved with the magazine - who pointed me at the forums. Which I can't use.

So basically they have my money and now they don't seem to want to talk to me. If I don't get any joy by New Year I'll be asking for my money back, although I'm beginning to wonder if they'll bother to acknowledge that either.
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I spring cleaned so much on Friday that I hurt my back. So now I'm sitting down and cracking the whip while my boyfriend tidies the living room. I wonder if I can get him to peel me a grape later. :-D

There has been very little writing this weekend, mainly because yesterday was spent in pubs and shops with a friend. We had a great afternoon to ourselves, while our respective partners amused themselves in the local independent gaming store. I didn't actually buy that much, or at least a lot of what I bought wasn't for me. But any shopping is good shopping, so I don't mind.

What little writing that has been done is on Chapter 7 of Reunion. I'm not due to post another chapter up for a little while yet though, otherwise I'll get too far ahead. And then - horror of horrors! - I might get bumped up to the fast group! Other than that, my plans are to get "When the Harlequin Dances" cleaned up and out the door, and then try to fix the multitude of things wrong with "The Empty Dark" so I can send that somewhere too. "Child of the Pact" went out to Interzone yesterday, more in the spirit of getting used to submitting to pro markets than anything else. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Anyway, there must be lunch now for my boyfriend is threatening to unplug the internet if I don't have something to eat.

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