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I've been a bit quiet other than my last non-NaNo post, because life has not been quiet.

We finally completed the relocation in July - found a flat, packed up the house and cats and moved everything 300 miles. I changed jobs, the OH found a job, and we began the long process of unpacking. It's been four and a half months and we still haven't finished. Part of this was due to losing two bookcases in the move - when we packed we discovered that the bathroom had leaked through into the bedroom and turned the bookcases moldy. Luckily none of the books were affected, but it left us without storage. The books are now all unpacked (hooray for the local second-hand furniture shop!) although some of them are currently in stacks in the hallway. About 70 are in bags waiting to go to the charity shop, and have been added to my Kindle wishlist. The problem with downsizing is that sometimes you have to get rid of things you really don't want to.

We also have four boxes labelled Fragile, that we can't unpack because there are no shelves in the flat, or space for anything inside the boxes. One weekend were going to downsize the contents of those too. For now they can sit in the corner.

The main problem with getting everything unpacked though, is time. We're both working full time, in very different but equally tiring jobs. The last thing either of us wants to do in our downtime is anything that can be construed as work.

Unfortunately writing is firmly in that category at the moment. At the end of a day at a mentally-demanding job the last thing I want to do is something that's mentally demanding. I'm just about keeping up with the Coursera course I'm taking, because it's modular and bitty, but writing needs more attention than I have to give it right now. Write 1 Sub 1 has been a failure for the last two months, and is shaping up for the same this month - I'm supposed to be writing a novella (not a NaNo novel, but a similar project) and have done a grand total of 2500 words. I've sold a grand total of one story this year, although I can't give details as there's no contract yet. I did sell some content work earlier in the year, but had to give that up because Reasons.

I haven't even touch my jewellery stuff since I unpacked it. I'm thinking about tidying it all up, picking a project, and doing that when I'm vegged out in from of a DVD in the evenings. Productivity breeds productivity, after all.
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I came out as reading 184% faster than the national average. Um?

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

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I feel a bit bad for mostly posting writing promotion on here lately, but honestly my life's not been that interesting lately. Between getting over a cold, work, and writing-related procrastination I've not been doing an awful lot. So here's even more of it: my poem Meeting Before Breakfast is up at Every Day Poets today.

The two e-books were part of the procrastination (I'm supposed to be writing a novel) and I've got a third at the editing stage. With websites going down and content cycling out of archives, I figure it's a way to at least keep my stories available. This weekend I also joined Twitter, as @clhollandwriter, and am enjoying it more than I thought I would. It's less work than writing a full blog post, and more interesting than Facebook.

Yesterday I went to play Arkham Horror with some friends. It's a great boardgame and seems to be infinitely variable, given that the enemies and events you encounter are different every time. I ended up playing a doddery old man who moved like treacle but kicked arse in a fight (yay, magic!), but Man of the Match has to go to the friend who went-toe-to-toe against Cthulhu and won.

Yes I am a nerd, why do you ask?
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My poem "Ode to My Dark Lady" is up at Every Day Poets today. Yes, it is autobiographical. ;)

Distinctly non-productive weekend, filled with too much eating out, and too much sitting on butt watching movies. Not at the same time. The most productive thing I've done is a couple more pages of my writing scrapbook.

On the plus side, I also discovered the joy that is Professor Elemental.

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My story "Dark Ghosts and Flamingos" has been accepted for the Paper Golem Press anthology Cucurbital 2, due out in November this year. All the stories are based on the same three prompts, above.

Things are sort of getting back to normal now, or at least as normal as they can be. It's going to take a while before Real Life doesn't seem like a massive imposition. It's not helping that due to busy periods at work for both me and the BF, we hardly feel like we're getting any down time. Something has to suffer, and in this case it's the housework. I can't remember the last time either of us vacuumed.

I've spent a lot of time puttering on the internet, and spent an evening making mini-business cards at I haven't ordered any, as I can't see me needing them any time soon. Apart from a writers' "summer school" next month I won't be going to any conventions of other writerly things. But they are a cute idea and gave me something to do.

I've also ordered a box easel on Ebay, much cheaper than on any art supplies site I've seen, as I've been getting the urge to do more art puttering. It's difficult to allow myself to suck at it (and I do), bu I need a hobby where there's no pressure and it's ideal. The easel is because it's supposed to be easier to do pastels upright to avoid smudging and dust, and also for storage of the assorted bits and pieces that are currently taking up most of my writing space. There's a book on fantasy architecture coming too, more for reference than because I have any hope of being able to draw the stuff. Any source of inspiration is a welcome thing, particularly at the moment.
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Yesterday evening we realised our eggs were out of date, so we applied the age-old test of putting them in a bowl of water to see if they floated. They were fine, so we put them on a tea towel to dry.

A moment later there were a series of thuds as Gabriel, bless her, tried to jump up on the side (bad cat), caught the tea towel instead, and ended up in the middle of a shower of eggs.

So then of course we had to give her a bath. I'm not sure who was more traumatised.
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see more funny facebook stuff!
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see more funny facebook stuff!
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I got three flashes out yesterday, taking me up to 9 submissions currently out and 30 made this year so far. There are a few more I can work on but I really should be working on stories for some anthology deadlines that are coming up soon.

The plan for today, since I'm off, was to sit down and get some writing done. What I've actually done is watch Count Duckula while washing up, doing laundry, pickling beetroot, and tidying out the kitchen cupboards. And now I'm thinking about cleaning the bathroom. Plus I said I'd make a roast dinner this evening. This is what I get for trying to write something outside my comfort zone I suppose. But at least my kitchen's clean!


Oct. 7th, 2007 09:44 pm
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Today has been mostly spent on a wave of displacement activity - I checked the internet, did the laundry, did some shopping, played on ff7, tidied the kitchen, checked the internet again, watched a film....and never got any actual writing done. I *want* to, I just can't seem to settle. It means I need to NaNo again to regain my focus, but I've promised not to do it this year so I'm just going to have to focus another way.

In trying to sort out Reunion I seem to be digging myself a deeper hole. Problems keep appearing just as fast as I fix them. It's like my inner editor has gone into overdrive after not being allowed near the novel for two years. I'm worried about this, that, and the other, and just keep going around in circles. I'd drop out of the workshop if I thought it would do any good, but I know it won't a difference. When I get like this it's write through it or wait until it goes away.

Right. There's half an hour before bed. I'm going to make a start on that writing thing!

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