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Today has been a day of repeated corporate fail.

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ETA: For some reason the post has eaten my cats. Very strange.


Apr. 28th, 2011 09:46 pm
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So not on the ball today, that I almost got to bedtime having forgotten that my story "Answers" is up at Every Day Fiction today.

They completed the summoning in silence. Grey-robed and blindfolded, the adepts moved through steps they’d carefully rehearsed for weeks. All their hopes were pinned on this.

If they were successful, perhaps the Lords of Order would tell them why no children had been born since the end of the Gods’ War.

It's hard to believe that we're now just over halfway through our break. It's mostly been great. We've got a lot done in the garden, with pea plants in pots, and runner bean, courgette, and pepper seeds in to germinate. We've also planted a lot of bedding plants out in pots (violas, geraniums, and two other things I can't remember but that we thought looked pretty). We've also ripped up a lot of weeds and eked out a sort of "border" along the fence, and planted jasmine, clematis, and honeysuckle, in the hope they climb the fence and give the weeds a run for their money.

Other than that, we've done a bit of clothes shopping to replace some things that have suffered from age or too much cat. We also went through every item of clothing in the house, and anything that we don't like any more or doesn't fit has gone in a box for charity.

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding, so most places will be shut. The plan is to get a lot of laundry done, and a friend might be bringing his little boy over to say hi, since they're in the area. We won't be watching the wedding, since we don't have TV in our house. I might also get some writing done, since with everything else all I've done so is get a couple of subs out the door and do a flash challenge, although I may have to flip a coin between that and Dungeon Siege.
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Yesterday my groceries were supposed to be delivered between seven and nine pm. At half-past-nine, I phoned to ask where they were. After half an hour of waiting for an answer, they tell me that my order along with five others is still sitting in the depot. How they hell do you miss off six whole deliveries?

So now I'm waiting for them to call me to arrange a new delivery. And in the meantime my mobile has died, and a yoghurt threw itself out of the fridge at the BF, and split all over the backdoor rug.

Can I go back to bed now, please?
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Last weekend, I was browsing in a stationers when I spotted an absolutely gorgeous range of renaissance-styled notebooks by Paperblanks.

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All of my notebooks are cheap ugly things bought from £1 shops, much torn-out and scribbled in. Unfortunately these works-of-art were so far out of my price range (£15 for a single notebook? I'd be afraid to write in it!) that I eyed them with envy. Not only that, but the only ones the shop had were bound with magnets - which, as my bf sensibly pointed out, are not something you want to stuff in the same bag as your USB stick. Just in case.

I was feeling the need to treat myself, though, so I bought this cutie instead:

'Eeyore' Thick Notebook

And lo and behold, the very next night I had a brand new story idea - the first since we moved. I guess all my muse wanted was some pampering, and don't we all want that sometimes?
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I spring cleaned so much on Friday that I hurt my back. So now I'm sitting down and cracking the whip while my boyfriend tidies the living room. I wonder if I can get him to peel me a grape later. :-D

There has been very little writing this weekend, mainly because yesterday was spent in pubs and shops with a friend. We had a great afternoon to ourselves, while our respective partners amused themselves in the local independent gaming store. I didn't actually buy that much, or at least a lot of what I bought wasn't for me. But any shopping is good shopping, so I don't mind.

What little writing that has been done is on Chapter 7 of Reunion. I'm not due to post another chapter up for a little while yet though, otherwise I'll get too far ahead. And then - horror of horrors! - I might get bumped up to the fast group! Other than that, my plans are to get "When the Harlequin Dances" cleaned up and out the door, and then try to fix the multitude of things wrong with "The Empty Dark" so I can send that somewhere too. "Child of the Pact" went out to Interzone yesterday, more in the spirit of getting used to submitting to pro markets than anything else. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Anyway, there must be lunch now for my boyfriend is threatening to unplug the internet if I don't have something to eat.

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Haiku2 for xanthalanari
didn't spot all the
crap and change all the fear as
they do it again
Created by Grahame

Damn these are addictive!

No writing today, I'm having a day off to relax. So no work either, just a day of shopping. Although I didn't buy anything for myself except a handful of 80s 7' vinyl singles - three of which I've since found out I already own. The rest of what I bought was Christmas presents for people, but I like Christmas shopping so that's fine.

The highlight of the day had to be when the boyf picked up an ex-display LEGO Viking longship set from a shop that was closing down. Complete in display case. So we were the centre of attention for a while as we walked down the high street carrying it. Then we took it home on the train.

Got tomorrow off as well. No plans, although I might sit down and watch The Seven Samurai finally. It's only been sitting by the DVD player for a couple of months....

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