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I should probably update this since it's a two publication month. 

First up: "The Resurgence of Clowns" over at Daily Science Fiction.
We knew it was happening again when David started juggling.

I wrote the first draft of this in one sitting, just before bed, while listening to scary clown music. It came from a title prompt during a flash fiction contest, and the concept and first line came shortly after.

The second is "Totality", one of my rare science fiction stories which was published at Nature.
Two days ago it had been "we don't negotiate with terrorists", but it was difficult not to negotiate with people who'd stolen the sun.

This one required a bit more research - what would happen when the sun went out? It also came from a title, but not the one I used. It was the gloriously pulpy "The Spacemen who Devoured the Morning" from the Pulp Sci-Fi Title-O-Tron over at Thrilling Tales. That gave me the idea, although it was a far more serious story than the title warranted.

I also found (and spent a couple of hours binge-reading) an amazing creepypasta over on Reddit, called "The Left/Right Game". It 's got me wanting to read more. I also played a fun little text-based game called "You are Jeff Bezos", where you wake up as Jeff Bezos and have to spend all his money. It took a few tries, but I managed to get all three endings.

Finally, I spent this weekend binge-watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is all kinds of hilarious. I love the changes they've made (Salem doesn't talk, the advice and sarcasm is provided by Sabrina's cousin Ambrose who's under house arrest for trying to blow up the Vatican), although some of the politics is a little on the nose. Perhaps it needs to be, these days, and it does add to the fun.
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Ganked from [ profile] theladywolf

Don't take too long to think about it. List 15 books you've read that will always stick with you -- The first 15 you can recall in 15 minutes.

In no particular order:
White Fang - Jack London
Good Omens - Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
Jonathan Stange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke
The Riddle-Master's Game - Patricia McKillip
Tigana - Guy Gavriel Kay
Melusine - Sarah Monette
Dawnthief - James Barclay
Use of Weapons - Iain M. Banks
Watership Down - Richard Adams
Black Beauty - Anna Sewell
Beowulf - Seamus Heaney
The Time Traveller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
December - Phil Rickman

There are a few I read as a child, that will always stick with me even though I can't remember who wrote them or what they were called. There was one, and all I can remember is that there was a witch (I think) who was in an enchanted sleep because someone had stolen her name, and the story was about trying to get it back. Thinking about it, that one stuck with me enough to influence my winning WotF story.

The whys of my choices )
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The angel of the LORD cometh upon you in the shower at the worst possible moment: one hand placed upon thy right buttock and the other bearing soap, radio blaring, humming a heathen song of sin.

Ganked from [ profile] truepenny  - go and read "The Parable of the Shower" by Leah Bobet. Definitely my favourite story so far this year.

We had a visit from one of the neighbours today, to complain about our bins. Apparently we've been putting the wrong bin out on the wrong day - because we hadn't been told there were any changes! Funny how the Council can manage to find us with the Council Tax bill though. Not only that, but in an attempt to be helpful our landlady has been putting the bin out for us. On the wrong day, and in funny places. So people are complaining about that too. So this weekend I have to write a stroppy letter to the Council, and also ask the landlady not to put the bin out.

I've had a couple of rejections and a rewrite request recently, other than that not much going on in writing. Not much writing going on either, as I seem to be busy in the evenings a lot recently. Mostly it's been admin and housework. Oh well, I'll try and catch up at the weekend.
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Go read the uber-creepy "Getting to Know You" by our very own [ profile] tchernabyelo  over at Every Day Fiction.

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