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Today has been a day of repeated corporate fail.

Cut for length )

ETA: For some reason the post has eaten my cats. Very strange.

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Today I spent my lunch break formatting chapter 5 of Reunion ready to post on Notebored. However I forgot to save it where I could access it from my home computer, so now I have to do it all again or wait until Monday. D'oh!

I watched the first couple of episode of Bood Ties today. It's based on Tanya Huff's Victoria Nelson books (otherwise known as the Blood books), and I have to say so far I'm impressed. It reminds me a bit of first season Buffy - not really sure of itself, but also not taking itself too seriously. The villains are gloriously over-the-top, and include an amusingly Cockney demon. Plus there's the obligatory prettyboy vampire, played by Kyle Schmid. The vampire ties my brain in knots though. Not because he's bad - far from it, in fact. And he could kick Angel's ass any day. :-D No, he hurts my brain because he's the spitting image of my mental picture of Thomas from The Dresden Files books, only with lighter hair.

This causes me painage partly because now my supernatural critters are starting to overlap, but also because for the last five or so books the characters in The Dresden Files have been played in my head by people from elsewhere.

Seriously. Bob sounds like Billy Crystal doing Calcifer in Howl's Moving Castle, Marcone talks like Fat Tony from The Simpsons, and Lasciel is Number Six from the new Battlestar Galactica. And now Thomas is Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties. Yeesh.

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Back in the real world temporarily. I finished The Dresden Files book 9, and Child of the Pact is written, edited, and off to Clockwork Phoenix.

My next project is to sort out chapter 5 of Reunion for Notebored, and to catch up on my crits. After that, it's time to pull out the old stories for editing and find somewhere to send them. For some reason this is a far more scary prospect for me than writing for a themed anthology. Possibly it's because when writing for a specific theme it's easier to aim for what they want  than for something more general like a magazine.

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I haven't disappeared off the face of the planet, although it feels like I have. I'm currently trying to read the 9th brand shiny new Harry Dresden book at the same time as finishing the story I want to submit to Clockwork Phoenix. It's not working and I know I should put the book down, but I just can't.
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One topic you see coming up quite often in writers' circles is "Have you ever met one of your characters after you created them?" I haven't, but I went into a second-hand record shop today and a song came on that was exactly as I'd imagined Mr. Bad Man's music when I was writing the story of the same name. It was an odd feeling.

I went out looking for new boots for work today. I ended up with boots, but I don't think I'll be wearing them to work much. They're knee-high, midnight blue suede. Lovely, but completely impractical until it stops raining. If it ever does.

And now, to write! Or, more likely, get sidetraked by the Dresden Files book 7. I'd forgotten how much fun those books are.

Back now.

Mar. 31st, 2007 01:13 pm
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I'm back now, after three days of payroll training, and spent most of last night processing payroll in my sleep. I dread to think what it will be like when I actually have to set up the system and run it. As it is I have loads of things I need to make a note of, with regards to setting up the system, but the boyf won't let me do that because it's the weekend.

It was nice being away - I got to explore a bit, and sit in watching Sky TV (at home we only have 3 1/2 channels, all with bad reception). Plus I got to wake up late and watch cartoons before even thinking about gettting out of bed. It was very lonely though, and I always feel a bit silly going out to eat by myself although that wasn't so bad on the day I actually remembered to take a book along. I almost went to the cinema alone on Thursday evening, but the only thing on was the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and I wasn't about to stoop that low!

On the minus side all my plans to get writing done in the evenings, and extra time I had in the mornings, fell by the wayside. I wrote a grand total of four lines the whole time. :( I ended up not getting up in the mornings until I had to (and anyway, Astroboy was on!) and Sky One was my constant companion in the evenings. This is why I don't watch much TV at home....

The end result being I haven't actually read, listened to or watched anything new all week, with the exception on a random episode of The Dresden Files. It's one of my favourite series of books, but it makes for mediocre TV. They've taken some of the best aspects on the books and removed them: Bob the Skull (an immensely cool sidekick who in my head always sounds like Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle) has become Bob the spirit who always manifests as a person and is more melancholy than lecherous; Murphy, the kickass tiny female policewoman, now just appears to be a bitch (although I am judging this on the stregnth of one episode); Morgan, who hates Harry with a passion, is far too nice; and Harry's apartment is full of electrical devices that in the books would fizz and die if he went anywhere near them. That last one and Bob are probably the most annoying. They were two of the things that made the books so amazing, which has reinforced my viewpoint that TV executives don't know what they're doing. It's a series I'd watch but only if I had nothing better to do, whereas I'd gladly fight to get my hands on the last copy of one of the books. :D

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