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It's the start of the weekend for most of the UK, as we now have the Easter Bank Holidays. After that there's the royal wedding holiday, and the May bank holiday. With the judicious application of three days of annual leave in the middle, the BF and I have managed to wangle ourselves an eleven day break to spend doing the garden, spring cleaning the house, playing video games and generally chilling out.

I really need the break. It turns out my prediction at the end of last week was right, so I started this week with two days off sick from something unpleasant and stomach related. There's nothing more boring than staying in bed all day, even if you do have a DVD boxset of Supernatural to keep you company. Back to work on Wednesday and I had to play catch-up, and then today it was so manically busy because of the holidays that I spent most of the day fielding technical support calls - it's amazing how many people forget that a bank holiday means that the banks are on holiday.

The veg sack came a day early this week: onions, potatoes, carrots, eggs, cabbage, brocolli, celery, peppers and tiny plum tomatoes. The brocolli and potatoes are going in a cheese sauce bake, along with the cauliflower from last week (not eaten because I was ill, and it's kept remarkably well). The tomatoes are going in salad tomorrow, and whatever's left will be turned into soup or pizza topping, since they won't keep long. I may put the celery in too, since neither of us can stand the stuff.

Not much going on in writing news at the moment. I spent this evening going through the proofs for "Beauty Sleeping", ready for the launch of the new Every Day Fiction anthology on 21st May. Plus I got a rejection, and got the story straight back out the door. Tomorrow I plan to revamp my submissions spreadsheet as it's got a bit cumbersome, and do some writing as my muse is currently handing out ideas at a rate that suggests it doesn't think I'm working hard enough. 


Apr. 15th, 2011 10:06 pm
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In the veg sack today: onions, potatoes, carrots, eggs, a cauliflower, a salad bag containing lettuce, baby peppers and tomatoes, and Blue! Salad! Potatoes!

Plans: lots of salad over the weekend, with blue potatoes, and a cauliflower cheese bake over the weekend.

And I think I'm coming down with something, as I've been queasy all day and suffering from an on-off headache. Plus hot and cold at the same time is never a good sign.
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I've just finished N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Kingdoms in less than two days. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as the prequel, but I did. It was completely different, but still managed to keep the feel of the first.

Last night we went to the cinema to see Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal. It's a bit like Groundhog Day meets Quantum Leap with added terrorists. I definitely recommend it, especially for those who like films like Inception, and Next. We followed it with a meal out at the local Chinese restaurant, and a re-watch of The Hangover on DVD.

Today I made the most of the sunshine to get three machine and four hand loads of washing done. It's even all mostly dry. I'd have got another load out if I'd bothered to get up early but hy, it's the weekend.

This week's veg sack: eggs, onions, potatoes, purple as well as orange carrots, fir apple potatoes, beetroot, some sort of cabbage, and rhubarb. Plans so far: serve everything with carrots and cabbage; boil the beetroot for salad and/or pickle it; rhubarb crumble.

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My fantasy story "Answers" has been accepted by Every Day Fiction, and will be published on April 28th.

I had planned on doing the flash challenge this week, but things have kind of got on top of me. The BF has been off work with the flu since Wednesday, and it's been difficult to keep up with the cooking, washing up, laundry, and other assorted household tasks. Especially as we're in the middle of a clear out as we'd ordered a new divan which turned up yesterday. At the moment it's new and comfy, a bit like sleeping on pillows, but I'm sure it won't be long before it's a springy lumpy mess. We don't have much luck with mattresses.

In the veg sak this week, apart from the usual: lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes, and a swede. Which means salad and a roast dinner are on the menu this week.

Veg sack

Mar. 26th, 2011 10:45 pm
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The veg sack this week included (potatoes, onions, carrots, eggs,) lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, Jerusalem artichokes (unfortunately - the BF can't stand them) and some greens that we don't know the identity of. Meal plans so far: Chinese, using peppers, the mystery greens, and a couple of our backlog of eggs for egg-fried rice; pepper and egg tagine with salad. I have no idea what to do with the artichokes, since we've already tried them steamed. Roast them, maybe, and hope the BF thinks they're potatoes.
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It's been a rough week, but today I saw this - and giggled, then cackled, then laughed so much I cried -  and it made everything all better: The God of Cake.

After a week's break we got another veg sack yesterday. They always contain potatoes, carrots, onions, and eggs (not veg, I know), and three or four other fruits or vegetables. This week we got a massive swede, parsnips, cabbage and kale. The selection seems to lend itself towards a roast dinner, so that's the plan for tomorrow. This will probably be followed on Monday by bubble and squeak made with leftover mashed swede and other assorted veg.

We're quite enjoying the veg sacks, but will definitely be glad when swedes are no longer in season! Beyond mashing and roasting we've pretty much run out of ideas for what to do with them, and every one seems bigger than the last. It will be nice when the summer comes and there's a wider variety of veg available.

Also, I appear to have entirely stopped getting LJ notifications, so apologies to anyone who comments on a post or comment and I don't reply.

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