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Since it's Christmas Eve, and I doubt anyone's feeling too serious, I've dragged the Pulp-O-Mizer out from the archives. Merry Christmas!

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For today, something to play with - free online "magnetic" poetry!
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Ever wondered where a word comes from? Here's a handy Online Etymology Dictionary so you can look it up.
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Today, a final podcast (or two) - I Should be Writing, which is aimed at beginners, and  I Should be Writing: Ditch Diggers, about the business of writing.
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Probably more useful to literary writers and poets than spec fic writers, the Poets and Writers Submission Calendar has handy links to competitions and awards.
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Today, we have an article for plotters, 21 Plot shapes and the Pros and Cons of Each over at InterGalactic Medicine Show.
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Another one for more established writers tody - or at least those with a back catalogue. Prolific reprinter Deborah Walker's blog post on selling reprints - Part One and Part Two.
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There probably isn't a speculative fiction writer out there who isn't already aware of Doug Smith's Foreign Markets List - but just in case one stumbles across this - go forth and submit reprints across the world!
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Today's entry is a website I love, because it's full of weird and wonderful things that show that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction -
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Like a lot of writers, I'm a pantser not a plotter. I'd really like to learn how to plot though (I might get more finished that way). Writer Julie Frost pointed out this series of blog posts on exactly that - The Secrets of Story Structure. I haven't read them yet, but I've heard good things.
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For today, here's an article on writing fantasy creatures from earlier this year: Gender Determination in Fantasy Creatures. This is a guest post by entomologist Robinne Weiss over at Dan Koboldt's blog. It turns out even some normal earthly creatures sort out their biological sex in weird and wonderful ways.
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I thought I'd begin this year's posts with a couple of mentions of my favourite finds from last year.

I tend to find my favourite musical finds come from random encounters. Last years favourites are "X marks the Spot" by Ghostpoet, which I discovered from a random on demand episode of Jules Holland, and "I Can Change" by Brandon Flowers, which I heard while buying shoes and spent the rest of the evening Googling "Bronski Beat sample" to find.
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My favourite books I read last year were House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard and Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, both of which were unconventional and reminded me there is still room for the kind of fantasy I like even if all the shouting on social media these days makes me feel differently.

I don't watch a lot of TV, since we only have on demand, but I binge-watched Daredevil and Jessica Jones and loved them both. I also belatedly discovered Stargate: Universe. I thought it was fantastic, and refreshingly different to the usual saccharine and worryingly colonial Stargate offerings. Atlantis lost me at "let's steal the alien planet's power source because we need it, even thought it will leave the inhabitants undefended". But Universe only got two seasons, because apparently it was too challenging for the usual audience. This kind of dumbing down is the reason I don't have regular TV.

Finally, food. I discovered in November I do actually like olives. Which is weird because I hated them in January.
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Here are some useful links, courtesy of the Write 1 Sub 1 website:

List of writer resources
List of writing podcasts
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It's been a while since I've done one of these, so this is my collection from the beginning of the year:

"Where Characters Come From" by Cory Doctorow.
Douglas Smith's Foreign Market List - a useful site for those who want to widen their audience, or just make those reprints earn their keep.
Hilary Mantel's Rules for Writers.
Interview with Susan Cooper.
The #1 Rule of Everything - a great blog post by Steven R. Stewart on writing and depression.
Interview with Philip Kenney about writers and depression.
The Disturbing Origins of 10 Fairy Tales by Emily Temple.
A fascinating article on fairy tales at Rookie Mag.

And for a bit of fun -
Pulp-o-mizer, the pulp magazine cover generator.
And an awesome Les Mis flashmob.
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Probably the last one of the year, although there'll be a proper blog post after Christmas.

The Duotrope Conundrum - why writer Alex Shvatsman thinks Duotrope's new payment plan is unsustainable. (Hint: most writers I know, including past donators, won't be staying.)
12 Letters That Didn't Make the Alphabet.
Blog post by Della Galton on Writing a Serial.
Religion in Fantasy World-Building at Genreality.
9 Signs That You Might Be an Introvert.
Daily Words with Debie Ridpath Ohi.
The Weekend Book Marketing Makeover by Shannon O'Neil and Toni Tesori (I haven't read it yet, but it's downloaded and waiting for me to get to it).
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Another bunch of writing links I've linked from the last week:

Writing for Women's Magazines
Five Ways to Write When You Really Don't Want To
The Business of Writing: Turn Your Income Stream into a River
and Terry Pratchett interview: Sex, Death and Nature

That's pretty much it. I'm behind on my novella, but did manage to get the flash challenge done over at Liberty Hall last night. I updated all the links in the Bibliography section on Saturday, and found a few that are no longer working. That's the reason for putting the stories out in e-books. I should think about doing another one soon, but I think it might be May before enough rights have reverted to me to make it worth doing.
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Once again I've been a bit lazy on the internetting this last week. Although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

There's an interview with me over at Anaea Lay's website today - Telling Lies for Fun and Profit. Some of the answers may seem a little odd: the clue's in the title.

My story "The Message" went up at Kazka Press last week. And my copies of Cucurbital 3 arrived as well.

My one and only "Link I Like" collected last week was: Three Signs You're Renovating a Condemned Novel.

And my BF and I finished a four-part metal jewellery course yesterday, so there will probably be posts about that in the near future.
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Only two this week, I've been a little distracted.

Promoting Your Books By Getting Articles in Magazines - Autumn Barlow at Top Hat Books. I'm going to print this out an keep it on my noticeboard.
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