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Since it's Christmas Eve, and I doubt anyone's feeling too serious, I've dragged the Pulp-O-Mizer out from the archives. Merry Christmas!

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For today, something to play with - free online "magnetic" poetry!
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For today, something fun and catchy: Weird Al "Word Crimes".
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In the end I decided on a name for my main character, and mostly cranked out my story in the evenings while listening to the same two Muse tracks on repeat. The story did end up being corny as hell, which I expected, but I had fun writing it. Mostly I was testing out some ideas to see if they had potential for longer works, and I'm getting some positive feedback that suggest yes.

Writing in the evenings seems to be the best time for me, so now I need to decide what to do in the weeks when I don't have evenings. Submissions in the morning is fine, as long as I already have an idea where the stories are going (otherwise it's time to go to work by the time I've decided). I'll probably try to write at lunch and read in the evenings those weeks.

That's pretty much it for the moment. At some point I need to sit down and work out a plan - what do I want to achieve and what do I need to do to get there? - but that requires a bit more time and brain space than I have. Work is busy, and we seem to be battling with failing system after failing system at the moment, which is making everybody very stressed.

One thing I have worked out is I need more play - more time spent doing things for fun, just because. To that end I've finally got around to hooking up the PS2 to the TV for some retro gaming. All my Final Fantasy games run on that console, and I never did finish FF12. You'd think it would be bad for writing, but I worked out recently I actually wrote more back when I spent more time on video games and less on Netflix. I blogged a lot more too. I suspect it's because watching TV shows and movies is a passive activity, whereas reading and playing games require a lot more interaction which keeps the brain active. Anyway, I figure it's worth a try.
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Having previously been accused of burying the lead:

"A World in Clockwork" is now up at The Lorelei Signal. I love it when there's artwork for my stories, especially when they nail the character like this one does.

And "Of Corn and Crows" is available in the latest issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly.

Not much going on otherwise. It's getting harder and harder to persuade the cats in of an evening - you'd think it would be the opposite with the nights coming earlier, but instead they seem to feel they're being cheated.

And not much writing this weekend, as the BF and I spent it playing Army of Two. I read a review of this that accused it of being a macho fantasy - well duh. Isn't that what all these first-person-shooters are? It's good fun, probably all the more so for being brainless.

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