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It's been a long time since I last posted (a loooong time). That's life. I'd recently started a new job and joined the gym on last update, and they kind of took over. Between training, building up experience, more training, more building up experience, new job ate up most of my processing power. The gym, it turned out, ate the only hour in my (working) day that wasn't taken up by work or being mentally tired. It also ate up the only hour until I got home where I wasn't in company, which turned out to matter more than I thought.

Long story short, I've been mentally and physically knackered for most of the last nine months. I've written one thing, a piece of flash which I hope I'll be able to give a publication date for soon (yay!), and that's it.

The thing is, I assumed it was all the job, but when I got comfortable after the second round of training my stress levels and general crankiness didn't change - except on the days I didn't go to the gym. I'd dropped back from five days to three and it didn't help, except that on the days off I didn't get out of bed hating the world.

So last week I didn't go to the gym at all. I spent the hour reading, checking emails, and generally chilling out instead.You know what? I felt better. I didn't ache all week, my knees didn't hurt, I wasn't tired and stressed, and I didn't wake up wanting to set the world on fire. Apparently a busy gym, where I'm never sure which equipment I'll actually be able to get to, a packed and too hot changing room, queuing for grubby showers, and rushing to get to my desk, was exactly what I didn't need.

The next step is to reclaim that hour for writing, but it's hard to get going again from a dead stop. I've bought a Reckless Deck and the book Tarot for Writers in an attempt to generate prompts and ideas. At the moment the only thing standing in the way is me. Let's hope it's not another nine months before I  have something to post.
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It's amazing how much a bad night's sleep can throw off my day. There was a massive thunderstorm on Friday night, that woke me up twice in the early hours. It meant I was sleep deprived when I got up on Saturday (having been woken twice more by my partner getting ready for work, and a hungry cat). I left my ability to sleep in somewhere in my twenties, the best I can manage is coffee and internet before I get up these days, so I spent most of yesterday stumbling around in a grumpy haze. In the end I spent the whole day reading, punctuated by occasionally getting up to poke the washing machine or the dishes. Probably a good thing in the end. It forced me to take a day to relax, which I don't do often.

Today was more productive. Lots of cleaning, lots of research, lots of admin. I'm applying for a promotion at work so spent some time on the application. I'm also pondering opening an online hobby business, selling handmade jewellery. Still not convinced it will be worth the work and costs though, and it's not like I'm spending enough time writing already.

There are two things left on my To Do list for the weekend: book train tickets, and play computer games. This might be an either/or thing given it's now the evening. It's a bank holiday tomorrow, though, so I can bump things if I have to.

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