Jul. 20th, 2013

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It occured to me I really should have been posting my Write 1 Sub 1 progress each month - not least so that I have a record of it!

For posterity, here's my update for the first six months:

Jan - wrote 2 flash pieces and 5000 words of articles, submitted all but 1 flash.
Feb - 6 poems written, 3 subbed.
Mar - wrote and subbed some flash fiction, also wrote ahead for some of my month of blogging posts.
Apr - wrote the rest of the blog posts for the month of blogging challenge, plus a writing sample for a company that never bothered to get back to me. Submissions = said writing sample, and a short story.
May - wrote the first chapter of an ebook, and submitted a batch of poems.
June - 9 reprints out the door to foreign markets, 1 new story written and submitted, and new versions of e-books up at Smashwords and Kobo.

I haven't been keeping track of these particular rejections/acceptances, except in the general way I usually keep track.

For next year I might refine it, and specify the writing has to consist of short stories and/or poems. This year I'm just happy to be writing at all.
clhollandwriter: (poppy)
Here are some useful links, courtesy of the Write 1 Sub 1 website:

List of writer resources
List of writing podcasts

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